MOT – Best Quality Parts Ltd

It is a usual habit of customers to thank, praise as well as recommend a service provider or brand with which they have enjoyed or experienced the best results. Being a superior car servicing providers, Best Quality Parts Ltd possesses long years of experience in rendering first-class work to thousands of clients every year. Well, a car should be always in a top condition for avoiding breakdowns and even guarantee a problem-free and smooth MOT.

Why are we the best?

Best Quality Parts Ltd always informs and advises their customers if their mechanics find something wrong with a car while servicing. If any additional works or servicing is required, it is carried out only after getting the customer’s authorization. We even render complete repair of any component which falls short of the necessary MOT standards, ranging from chassis damage to fuel leaks at an affordable rate. If you want to leave your car to experts for MOT test, opt for our reliable service without any delay.

Why choose us?

We function across a wide range of location and we feel extremely proud to see our network growing constantly. Before handling your vehicle to someone, one should gather a good knowledge about the service provider or company. Leaving your car in our hand, one can rest assured that the car will be perfect and deliver a long-lasting performance. We have certified and experienced mechanics that have the high technological understanding to offer guaranteed satisfaction service to our customers. Our primary aim has always been to offer high-quality service to our potential clients who bounce back only on us with their consistent trust.
More significantly, our technicians attend authorized training courses to make sure they learn the latest car technologies. This means that no matter what model or make a car is, we can service it successfully. Best Quality Parts Ltd ensures that all the provided fitted parts are of the required quality standard. We carry out our services utilizing only premium parts, assuring that the car is in safer hands. In brief, we are chosen by our clients for:

• Our certified, qualified, well-trained and professional experts
• Long years of experience in this trade
• Our servicing rates are budget-friendly
• Our belief in performance and quality
• Valuable MOT test consultation
• Our 24/7 hours of warranted, trusted car service availability.

Best MOT test service

A car which is three years old or more require an MOT test by law. This test assures that the car is in a road-worthy condition, meeting all environmental standards based on Government or DVLA rules. When a car passes this MOT test, it depicts that it met the minimum standards of road safety and environment as needed by law. The vehicle gets a pass certificate that is valid for 12 months. This certificate, however, doesn’t assure the basic mechanical condition of the car and the MOT test doesn’t cover itself the gearbox, clutch or engine. Well, MOT test is not the substitute for regular maintenance. The VOSA or Vehicle and Operator Services Agency regulate this test, ensuring that the vehicles meet the legal standards. Our main MOT test checks include seats, seatbelts, exhaust systems, fuel systems, doors, brakes, tyres & wheels, horn, steering and some others.